European festive candlelight parties

European Festive Candlelight Parties, Wow for 80 percent less

How Five Candles Per Guest Makes Your Candlelight Party Talked about For Years


Five Lit Candles Per Guest Make a Wow!

How five lit candles per guest turns a candle light party into a Wow party they will remember for years.

Candlelight parties in the U.S. have not had the emotional power of the European Festive System with large numbers of lit candles.

The key is the European system has continued the 200 year use of a very large number of lit small candles.

The size and brightness of the small European candle and the large American candle are very near the same

The cost of traditional U.S. candle lit parties and storability of holders and candles is at least five times the European Festive system, despite it using five times the American typical lit candle count.

So when we bring you the good news you can up the wow factor lit candle count and do it for far less cost you will be skeptical, but read on. We suggest five lit candles per guest as a starting point to get you into the Festive big leagues.

Remember, the larger number of lit candles is the main determining factor on the mood and effect generated by your party.

We show you what you need and ideas you can use to plan your next extraordinary candlelit party, that will turn any event into a Wow emotional experience for your guests.