Festive Candlelight
festive candlelight

$1.25 Per Guest, Saves 80% Over U.S. Custom.


Festive candlelight parties, key word is many, many lit candles. The number of candles will mean you have a memorable party "wow" factor. It is the number of lit candles, not the size or shape or cost of the candles that sets the mood and lasting impression.

With the European party 4 inch candles costing 80% less than pillar or taper candles typically, along with similar cost tealights, a wide area can be candle lit including entrances, walks and driveways.

Long used in the southwest of U.S. for special occasions, the luminarias outdoor candlelight sensation has received rave reviews by guests welcomed at these special festive candlelight events.

Welcoming candlelight at walks and entrances are a nice surprise with luminarias, lighting the route.

Basically tealights centered on sand weighting in paper bags, the warm effect is great for birthday or any parties in addition to holidays.

Backyards can be lit as well with "luminarias" or with tealights in hanging jars.

The cost at Festive Candlelight Parties using European 4 inch candles and tealights averages under 25 cents per lit candles.

Much more impressive using five times the number of lit candles, practically guarantees your party will be talked about for years.

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Infographic,   How to Run "WOW" Candlelight Parties

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