The Candlelight that Makes Every Birthday party you stage, "Really Special"

Money Expenditure Amount is Not connected to Birthday Candle Light Party Success.. Candlelight Effect Makes Every Birthday Special.

We have found families that every family member birthday is honored, even when no outside guests invited, the family has birthday desert, cake etc served in candle light. This makes the acknowledgement of the special regard this family member persons know their birthday will be recognized and honored with bringing out the candlelight festivity awareness.

The Cake graphic here shows how the cake cutting ceremony is done with candle clips on the cake plate and four inch candles that light the ceremony.

Note: the cake here uses candle clipped full 4 inch candles, color code roman numerals for birthday number of years honored. (red = ten, blue = five White = one. (Note this birthday acknowledges a 28th year celebration.)

cake and Ice cream

Perhaps guests are invited as a tradition on five or ten year steps. depending on age, never the less the family honors each members birthday with the special addition of going to candle light for the birthday cake cutting and serving etc.

Therefore with five family members you have five candlelight birthday lightings yearly, which can be almost no expense at all. Average of four candles burning say 30 minutes, is the consumption of the equivalent of the 25 cent average expense of one candle per birthday cake cutting.

Therefore, you can add additional candles at little expense if you want to add what we call more candlelight "Wow" factor to any candlelit party.

We suggest adding a candle clip with candle to each serving plate. Five additional candles for five members means about another 35 cents of candle burn time to a 30 minute family festive intimate birthday party .

We are illustrating for you here how you can use with a few or many guests, candle light for deserts, after dinner drink time, consider for even two guests, etc at little expense.

We would also like to suggest the addition of musical festive background sound of centerpiece party chimes you bring out for any special festive occasion.

The trick here is candle clips and you use the Roman numeral color code to do the age.. and leave the candles lit..and cut the cake in candle light. birthday sheet cake hand written index card goes here..

The color code is red = ten, blue is five ad white is one. Everyone gets on to this real quick. Our cake here candlelight birthday is for Dad who is, as you see just turned 28.


With Candle clips and five people attending with 3 candles per person, 30 minutes desert time 15 candles burn time is 7 and one half hours. At 25 cents a candle with average of 3 hours burn time thatís about 2 and one half candles at 25 cents per candle, so the candle light event will cost about 65 cents to make it candle lit. This is using three candles per person including the cake perimeter candles spelling out the age, etc. A serving plate candle clip for each.

cake and Ice cream

A lit tea light floating in a glass per family member will round you out at about three per guest..

You can go more candles but with an average of five for the cake in addition to the 2 candles for each additional will be fine for this number of people.

Therefore, making family birthdays always a candle light version, for five family members you will spend about $3.50 total annually on this tradition.

Now, not putting the candles on top of the cake allows cutting the cake in candlelight and opens up other new possibilities. Get your computer to print out on index stock a good pic of the birthday person and you get something like this. At the cutting ceremony this will remove almost like wax paper. The birthday person will be honored and surprised that you took the time and were able somehow to put their picture on their birthday cake.


Remember, when a large number of guests, you likely forget you can use luminarios, to line the driveway, for birthdays, announce this is something special,

Remember, at birthday parties consider you can use assorted color candles. There is no reason why birthdays should not be festive occasions. If summer, part of the party may wind up in the back yard.. Here is how to Candlelight Your Backyard Party. Here. If you are not on to Luminaries for the Driveway and Entrance, Read Here, .

Like any candlelight party, the number of candles varys with the number of guests. Our suggestion for any party to make them really memorable festivity you need about five candles per guest.

To arrive at this figure you have outdoor entrance and back yard candles that are added in a ratio of how many guests and how big an area will be used. We suggest adjustable amount of luminarios starting with the walkway, to the entrance, to up and down the street for some distance. On Christmas eve for example you may get the neighbors in on doing the whole block.

Backyard candles are usually done using various size jars with tea lights, wire hung from trees etc.. Inside stairways to the toilet etc may be lined with luminarios and inside use electric tea lights. Remember, the plate clips are a key in that the guest has a candle that moves with him. Place tea light candles in a glass floating work out well.

The usual centerpiece candles and we suggest our four candle holder for those and you can easily make candle rings from plastic garlands. Read ideas on making centerpieces here. Remember we also have the ten inch x half inch candles that fit centerpice holders as well.

The musical party chimes as center pieces add someting moving and going on, the festive musical background as well as additional candle lighting.

At five candles per guest, you can figure your candle cost at about $1.25 per guest to add a "Wow" festivity with candle light using the European half inch and small candle system.