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Swedish Party Chimes and 1/2" European Candle Source since 1972


We have never personally ran a candlelit party but for 41 years now we have sold chimes and tens of thousands of half inch candles to people who do. So we learn a lot of "what works" with ideas from customers all over the world. We have been finding out that most Americans are not familiar with the European tradition of zillions of small candles. "all lit" parties at very little expense compared to the massive candles most candle shops sell.

We mark up less and have lower prices and even offer quantity sale prices to those who want to save not only on shipping, but on getting the lowest cost per item.

It costs us a lot to handle a small order and very little more for a bigger one so we discount ordering in quantity, all in one order processing. So dive in here and cut your candle costs way down, just buy all your candles here. We can light up your party world for a lot less.

Check out our references, we list about 15,000 but here is 5,500 to start out with...

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