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festive candlelight parties in Europe

5 Times Impact of U.S.- Read How To Do It.


The European nations traditional candle light parties originated over 200 years ago where the only light source at the time was candles and fireplaces.

They used small diameter, today's 1/2" area, these were self made candles for everyday light but on special occasions and festive events they brought out and increased the candle numbers, (power) by five.

In United States they have used large diameter pillar and taper candles because they were mainly unlit or seldom lit decorations. They are expensive and to go to five times the normal candles required for light to make a candlelight event festive and memorable would be extremely expensive and hard to store that many candles and large candle holders.

The European tradition of small candles and a lot of them using bright colors, makes a very impressive mood swing for candlelight party guests that have never experienced a candlelight event with that number of lit candles.

It is obvious that a candlelight party with 120 soft candle lights all visible at the same time is much more impressive then a similar party with only 20 candle lights, even though the candle lights might come from bigger diameter candles, Flame size is not significantly affected by candle size

Most candle shops do not stock the smaller candles because the American public are unaware, of these candlelight part traditional use, including candle shop owners, plus the money is in the big candles. Often five times the cost of the European festive party candle system.

Inventory of various large size candles
is expensive and consequently 14 colors
used in European parties and the same
11 colors we sell are also a factor in making these parties memorable and an experience.

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