Party Candle Chimes

party candle chimes
party candle chimes

Candle Chimes Add Action And Musical Sound To Your Next Party


The Candle Driven Musical Chimes, Most Think of as Scandinavian Origination as Angel Chimes..

Actually, they started in late Eighteen Hundreds, but no one knows exact date in Europe, and were patented in Germany in 1905 as Angel Chimes, geared toward Christmas festivity’s. Germany stopped production in 1936 while gearing up for war.

After World War Two, a Swedish Company started producing their slimmed down version in 1948 and discontinued only recently when China factory’s turned out copies at extremely low prices, flooding the market.

Long time Swedish firm sold the factory to a Turkish metal company that was trained by the Swedish firm and they have been turning out quality chimes to Swedish standards ever since.

Meantime, expanding with a Santa and Deer Chimes in addition to long time angel chimes, They also introduced a nickel finish on all chimes as an option. Traditional had for over a hundred years been a brass version.

2013, our catalog pages show a new two metal chimes, with figures brass and chimes silver finish or other way around as options.

In addition, we have been offering a Party Chimes figures kit that makes the chimes good to use year around, circus horses ($3.00) go here, and clown top plus a new figures kit, especially developed just for birthday parties coming out this fall.

To see more on party chimes, and how to order, check out "our chimes pages".

Consisting of an additional Circus horses and a Festive circus clown at the top, are3 offered as a kit, with other figures will introduced late in the 2013 fall season including a version just for birthday parties.

Used as a centerpieces, candle powered chimes, with assorted candles, they add motion and a pleasant tinkling sound as the clappers hit the bells as the chimes figures rotate, powered by the heat from four candles.

Senior Adults often remember a party they attended as a kid that had a candle chimes as part of the festivity’s, often as much as 50 0r 69 years ago.

The candle light, the sound and the motion all contribute to what seems to be a memorable part to add to any festivity, not just Christmas and the traditional angel chimes figures.

Remember, we also sell the Chinese copies which we sell for $5.95. However, note they are smaller, made of lighter material and the bell ringing is more of clunk clunk, rather than a musical ding ding, a ringing as they rotate.

The Swedish chime, now made in Turkey we sell for $16.95 to 13.88, depending on quantity etc. If interested in replacement candles, for the chimes, remember they are interchangeble from party candles..... Go to Angel Chimes Candles, if want more candle information.

Many buy these Chimes as memorable gifts, wanting the grandkids etc to share the musical candle driven chimes experience.

Any party you include party chimes will likely be remembered and will be talked about for 50 years or more.

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