Christmas: Number One Time for Festive CandleLight Parties.

Everything Goes: The Key To Successful Christmas Candle Light Parties.

The overwhelming "Wow" Festive Candlelight Event success formula is sheer number of lit candles.


Christmas mood and tone is traditionally augmented with candles playing a big part in the Festivities.

The European candlelight parties and religious candlelight ceremonies overwhelming effect has always been tied to the huge numbers of lit small candles having a breath taking effect when all lit at the same time and location.

We have supplied these European half inch x 4 inch candles worldwide and started in 1972. Now the U.S. market is catching on to what works and finding it is the key, discovering in addition, that it is far less expensive

We have helped nationally introduce over our years distributing Christmas candles, the southwest Christmas Luminarias tradition of lining entrances, sidewalks and even whole blocks of streets.

In case the term is not familiar, Luminarias are essentially a grocery store sized paper sack which has sand (or kitty litter) added for weight and 5 hour tea light candle lit, lighting up the sack.

A Party home lit with luminarias on the street approach, sidewalk and entrance, is a great mood setter.

Many neighbors get together and often do their city block cooperatively on Christmas eve.

We sell 5 hour tea light candles for under 25 cents each. This is an inexpensive and easy to do new step to add to your candlelight celebration that will double the "Wow" factor of your event.

The family kids can be recruited and enjoy being allowed to participate, totally handling and safely being able to be in charge of this outdoor project.

In order to use candle light for lighting routes to the bathroom, etc we suggest placing them on every other stair step, tealight in jars, or even drinking glasses with or without water in them and tealights floating (option)_or if using luminarias sacks use electric tea lights for indoor luminarias. We can supply these of course. To see and read more on Luminarias, go here

Our main Christmas business over the years has been supplying of Angel Chimes as a major Christmas tradition for many families all over the world

For many that grew up with a Swedish Angle Chimes brought out every Christmas, much like the Christmas tree, for them it just would not be Christmas without the tinkling sound of the candle powered Christmas chimes.

To read more about the tradition of Swedish Angel Chimes go here.

We suggest that if you have several tables for a large event or a large table that you use the four lit candles Swedish Angel Chimes as the centerpiece or at least one of the centerpieces. Several chimes, one operating lit chimes visible and hearing range of all guests.

We suggest that as a rule of thumb to have a high impact candlelight party that you plan for five lit candles per guest. This sounds expensive, but it is not.

Half inch (now 17 colors) and tealight candles, we stock for under 25 cents each. Many of these will operate for up to five hours so you can often get two parties for each 25 cent investment.. We will show you how to do that. Remember this is 80% less cost then the use of the pillar and taper candles you have usually used.

We have in the last few years started also stocking holders for and ten inch x half inch candles. This gives you height for the light on centerpieces. Ten inch by half candles read more here.

One of the keys to five candles per person is the dinner plate candle clip which we exclusively supply. Available in brass or silverish finish. Also available in matching metal free standing inexpensive candle holders.

To Read More about the candle clips go here.

You do not have to light the entire room with candles because where ever the guest goes with their dinner plate or dessert plate goes, their candlelight goes with them.

The new four half inch candle holder lends itself to use candle rings of Christmas greenery. You can easily make candle rings from real Christmas greenery or dismantle old Christmas garlands etc. Samples of how to adopt these go here.

There are many religious and other candle ceremonies that are using half inch candles with hand held lighted candles. Some use the lighted candles directly, those we sell made in Germany and are listed as drip less and have sold them for years with no complaints. Many supply a drip shield made of plastic or various materials. Relative no big need for drip protection but the bobeche drip shields are inexpensive.

Christmas desserts are often planned as Christmas candlelight portion.

Read more on desserts portion of event with candlelight ideas here.

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The candlelight Christmas Dinner is still the important part of the Christmas Celebration and adds greatly to the impact of the event at very little extra cost.

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