festive candlelight
festive candlelight

Makes Memorable Parties


Festive Candle Light in Events in Europe have been termed Festive because of the large number of lit candles. The sheer number at special holiday events and any party they wanted be remembered as festive was made so by the number of lit candles displayed at the event.

This was made feasible in Europe by continuing to use that small candles that had been self hand made for home candlelight for 200 years.

They always had an inventory of these home candles on hand, and at special events, using clips etc. they were able to display a large number making a well lit breathtaking event that really sets the mood.

In the U.S. the candle shops sold larger diameter and bigger holders, and longer more expensive taper candles with candle rings and expensive holders and accessories that added to the expense and held down the number of candles.

The European four inch candles you can have five lit candles per person and average under $1.25 per person and if shorter candle light only for desert or after dinner drinks portion, or a birthday events and reuse the candles, you can do it for 65 cents per guest per well lit party.

Your first European festive candlelight first party of course, you will need holders and clips and by using some of our tricks and use some tealights you can hold holders, one time out lay at under $2.25 per guest.

The use of tealights and "luminarias" is new to many or thought they were restricted to Christmas or holiday use

Remember, the small candle flame amount of light and wow factor is not much different than a candle costing ten times as much.

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