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Festive Party Plate Candle Clips

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KEY: 5 Lit Party Candles Per Guest


The European tradition of candle light parties to celebrate Christmas and Important events using inexpensive smaller candles in large numbers has never failed to wow visitors from the U.S.

The European secret involves inexpensive metal candle holders for these smaller candles that go right on your dinner plate or the desert plate if a desert candle lit party.

This means more than adequate light for your personal area and using tealight floating in water filled glass augmented by a half inch candle in a table holder as well as four candles in the center piece holder as well as 4 candle driven musical chimes. This provides excellent light and using the lighted jars and glasses with water and floating tea lights on every other stair leading to the bathroom.

Luminarios ( paper or plastic sack with sand and a lit tealight in each) on the entrance sidewalk, every two feet, driveway and even street sidewalk.
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The tea lights burn five hours so that if you have two hour parties, they can be used for at least two parties and the sacks reused as well. Substitute for sand is kitty litter which can also be recycled.

We show how to make jar lights (also hanging jar light lanterns for backyard parties, using tealights as well

Candle Cost per Festive Candlelight party guest $1.25 per guest and sometimes you can get two or three parties from the same candles. We will show you tricks on how to do that. Thus making it 63 cents per guest candle cost.

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