How Five Lit Candles Per Guest Makes Your Candlelight Party Generated Mood Talked about For Years.

Not More Expensive, In fact save 80% over the traditional U.S, Candle Lit Party.


Yes, with the European system of five candles per guest with small candles and innovation, your candlelight party can be an emotional festive mood experience that guests will remember and indeed talk about for years.

Keep in mind, the large pillar and taper candles used at the usual U.S. candle lit party have basically the same size lit flame's the European use of small candles.

Thus the candle light effect is determined almost totally by the number of lit flames, not the size of your candles producing the light. A fifteen dollar candle and holder, and a 25 cent candle produce very close to the same size flame and light.

The smaller candles burn from 2 to 5 hours, depending on the candle particular use.

The traditional U.S. candle and holder used at candlelight parties costs in the area of ten to 15 dollars to produce ONE light.

European system uses small candles that we supply in 5 for each guest at the total of $1.25 range. Thus the European festive system not only supplies three to five times the lit candles per guest it still saves you up to 80% of usual cost and stores in one fifth the space.

Holders are also one fifth the cost and take almost no storage room. Read about how we use Tea lights here. (burn 4 to 5 hours) 25 cents each. Innovative holders for European half inch candles are available under $1.00 each. The candle clip is key, read about dinner plate candle clips here. Tealights can operate with no holder or many easy adoptations such as floating in drinking glass and using food colored water.

Read up on outdoor entrance and sidewalk candlelight Luminaries. here. Candles 25 cents, luminaries 15 cents tops here. A sensational addition at very low cost.
with guests impressed and not even inside yet.

Once on to festive candle light system and your shoe box storage area, you can make many run of the mill parties special just by making one part of the event candlelght, and using many inexpensive candlelight innovations. Go here to sign up for our "ideas" newsletter.

Suggestions include making just the dessert part of the dinner party candle lit, Having after dinner drinks via candlelight.

Making a tradition of family home birthday parties, even with no invited guests as candle lit traditions in your family. A 30 minute cake and ice cream candle light family only can be done for around 25 cents per person. Family members will soon recognize that " candlelight birthday honoring makes their birthday "special". Read how you do Candlelit birthday parties here, family only or big guest list.