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The Half Inch Candle, European system is revolutionizing the candle light parties in the United States. We have been selling these inexpensive smaller diameter candles since 1972 primarily as chimes candles. However they are now catching on to using these same candles for candlelit parties as they have been in Europe for 200 years. The smaller candles are used with dinner plate candle clips as well as many other inexpensive holders to supply a large number of festive lights to a party.

This creates a sensational mood and effect that can be duplicated no other way.

Traditionally, the Half Inch Candles have been four inches. Last year we introduced the new ten inch half inch candle that makes a great candle for centerpieces and the four candle holders. Though we stock sixteen colors in the half inch candles, we stock only six basic colors in the ten inch so far.

We are the only half inch candle distributor that stocks the half inch by four inch candle in ten assorted colors in a box. 16 colors available, but for the first time you are now will be able to buy here assorted in the box without having to buy ten boxes to get ten colors. This opens up lots of festive themes with the use of color combinations.

This year we have added Light Green, Gray and Brown. In addition we have added the much more expensive Anniversary Metallic Silver and Gold candles. For more information on anniversary candlelight parties take a look "{anniversary celebrations with candlelight}".

To see how they are now widely using clips and half inch candles for candlelight birthday partys, "read more here" how you cut the cake by candlelight and how the candles surrounding the cake plate with clips equal the age.

Basic Roman Numeral Color System, Red =-10, Blue = 5 and white = 1. With that system five or six candle clips on the back half of cake plate adequately light the cake for cutting and you do not need a zillion tiny candles to commemorate the age.....

Go here to see a sample cake side candles using roman color code for age and see how you can cut the cake by the approopriate age candlelight.

You can use colors to match the theme of your party. There are lots of holidays and parties that lend themselves to color varieties. Think out of the box, this opens whole new possibilities.

We do not do candle light parties but we talked to people, customers that have been doing these for years as a family tradition.

Two inexpensive tools you need for succesful candlelight parties here

Infographic,   How to Run "WOW" Candlelight Parties