half inch candle holders and clips
half inch candle holders and clips

  • Low Cost -Versatile-


Candle holders and plate clips for half inch candles are inexpensive compared to the mostly 5 to ten dollars up cost of holders for pillars and taper candles. Half inch holders run from 50 cents to under $5 top even for the four candle holders.

"Candlelight Birthday Parties" use the candle plate clips around the cake plate using Roman Numeral color code, red=10 years, blue=5 and white=one. This surround the cakes candle Roman numeral like, color code gives you the age and allows mood enhanced impressive cake cutting and distribution entirely by continued surround the cake candlelight.

This great price advantage opens up fun and creative ways to use candles for decoration and allows the candlelight parties you put together exceptional and memorable mood effects by being able to have 5 times as many lit candles at your events.

The European innovation, the "Dinner Plate Clips" open up a whole new personal candlelight basis for your "festive candlelight party" guests.

In addition to the now standard European four inch candles, we now offer "special holders" for our new "ten inch (1/2") candles."

In addition, the new brass finish four half inch candle holder can also handle four ten inch candles and makes an ideal centerpiece. This can be used with candle rings and nicely replaces four or three inch diameter pillar candles either with our traditional four inch length or the new ten inch by half inch candles.

We have a page for you to review on "how to use the new brass finish, four candle holders". This will show how to use standard candle rings with these candles.

brass holder
The "Ben Franklin" all brass 1/2"

Leave a light in the window, these holders now available to you for half inch candles are used at candlelight parties to identify, The "light in the window" is the candle light party location. This holder can be used with the ten inch candles as well These holder are all brass and are a mini version of Ben Franklins holder.

The big advantage of these inexpensive 4 inch candles and candle holders is that at low cost you can use assorted colors to create unusual festive moods. We are the exclusive supplier of "Assorted half inch candles in the box".

You do not need to order ten boxes of candles to get ten assorted any longer. This opens up your using many Festive candle colors for your party.

These candles at 25 cents each and star holder in the 50 cents area, you can make an age table display like a #9 with candles lined up on the table....or spell 39 or whatever the age, in the table center bright spot.

Holders with Gold Stars

You can use red candles lined up to a heart shape to make a red heart center piece for the Valentines party.

This will give you ideas that the use of these inexpensive candles and candle holders open up.

This opens up great fun creating sensational candlelit parties like your friends have never seen before and will be talking about for years.

Tealights, The New Key in European Candlelight Party Success. 5 Lit Candles Per Guest. Go to "Tealight Candles" Page.

Two inexpensivie tools you need for succesful candlelight parties here

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"Luminarias, make event impressive, fun, inexpensive ".

Infographic,   How to Run "WOW" Candlelight Parties

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Here are some ideas.
Candle holders made for Chimes candles will also work with 1/2 inch holders with a small shavings off of bottom diameter of pyramid candles.
brass holder  
1/2 Inch Candle Holders
5 Point Star
Clear or Dark Blue

1 - $2.79
3 - $2.59 = $7.27
6 - $2.29 = $13.79
12- $2.15 = $25.80

4 candle holder
4 Candle Holders

1 - $2.95
3 - $2.67 = $8.01
6 - $2.44 = $14.64
12- $2.10 = $25.20

Brass Antique 1/2 Inch Candle Holder
brass holder
Click to Enlarge Picture
.... or $4.85 Each,
or 4 @ $4.50 = $18.00
6 @ $4.00 = $24.00
12 @ $3.70=$44.44

You display one of these Ben Franklin holders with candle for each room for power outages, etc. Makes a great small present for friends, an unusual holder and by including one box of our new 20 candle "Party assortment" of 10 bright color half inch candles .
Scroll down for candles.

Here are Decorative holders for party atmosphere using candles. Remember half inch candles are a fraction of the cost of the large candles but are just as "special occasion atmosphere".

White Porcelain
1 - $1.59
3 - $1.39
6 - $1.19 = $7.14
12- $1.05 = $12.60
  porcelain star

Holders with Gold Stars
Holders with Gold Stars,
$3.98 each
6 Star Candle holders, $3.79 each =$22.74
12 star candle holders $3.49 each = $41.48

Holders with Gold Stars

New Reversable 1/2 Inch to 7/8 inch candle
brass holder
1 - $3.59
6 - $3.29 = $19.74
12- $2.99 = $35.88

bubble glass  

Bubble Glass
1 - $2.69
3 - $2.39 = $7.17
6 - $2.19 = $13.20
12- $2.09 = $25.14

1 - $3.39
3 - $3.19 = $9.57
6 - $2.98 = $17.88
12- $2.79 = $32.58

Square Glass 1/2 Inch Candle Holder

1 - $2.49
3 - $2.25 = $7.05
6 - $2.15 = $12.90
12- $1.99 = $23.88
  square glass

gold tree clips

Gold Tree Candles Clips
Package of Ten - $10.89
3 Package of Ten - $10.39 = $31.17
12 Package of Ten - $9.85 = $117.60

Silver Tree candles Clips
Package of Ten - $10.89
3 Package of Ten - $10.39 = $31.17
12 Package of Ten - $9.85 = $117.60
  silver tree clips
*8 Inches Long !/2 Inch Candles Available Wider Holders Available, To handle height.

Long Candle, special holders,

Boxed 6-10 inch candles for $8.95
Chinese Candle
brass holder
Holder for Tall 1/2 Inch Candles
1- $2.69
3- $2.49 =$7.47
6- $2.29 =$13.74
12-$1.99 =$24.88

brass holder
New Santa Chimes from Swedish Factory Moved to Turkey. Same Price as Angel Chimes.
New Option at AngelChimes.com
Offers Year Around Party Figures, a Clown Top and Merry Go Round Horses,
and Traditional Angel Chimes Figures, a Combo Set of Both Kits for $5.00.
NEW: Santa "Swedish-Turkey" -Chimes-
With Party KIT: Use Chimes Year Around-.
4 Angels and/or Party Figures.Free Shipping Extended
  • 1 Chime =$15.95
  • 3 Chimes =$46.95
  • 6 Chimes =$89.70
  • 12 Chimes =$166.56
1 Chime With Either Party or Angel Kit $18.94
3 Santa Chimes with Party or Angel Kit =$49.95
6 Santa Chimes with Party or Angel Kit $92.70
12 Santa Chimes with Party or Angel Kit =$169.56

Santa Chimes & Both Angel & Party Kit
  • 1 Chime + Both Kits, =$20.95
  • 3 Chimes + Both Party & Angel Kits =$51.95
  • 6 Chimes + Both Party & Angel Kits =$94.70
  • 12 Chimes + Both Party & Angel Kits =$171.56
brass holder
Party Chimes Accessory,
NEW DEVELOPMENT: Use your chimes year around. Birthdays, any type of party. These Party Chimes figures available seperately also, at Party Chimes.com Other figures soon

Year Around Angel Chimes Party Kit
Figures Fit all chimes, $3.00
6 kits $2.65 =$15.90
12 kits $2.40 =$28.80

Angel Kits available, same prices, also for Santa Chimes etc.
Other kits available soon.

Year Around Angel Chimes Party Kit
Figures Fit all chimes, $3.00
6 kits $2.65 =$15.90
12 kits $2.40 =$28.80


brass holder
Party Chimes Kit, Clown And 3 Circus Horses Birthday Parties, or Any Time Year Around. Plus Angels Set.
A Combo Set of Both Kits for $5.00.
brass holder
brass holder

Angel Chime Figures Available, for Santa Chimes etc. Where you can now also use them as Standard Chimes. These fit both Chinese and Turkish made Chimes and with the Party Clown and Merry Go Round Horses make your Chimes useable for all special occasions
3 Rotating Angels and One
Angel top figure, $3.00
12 = Sale $2.39 a Set = $27.78
advent candle

Best Selling Advent Candle Ever

Order one for each Grandchild family, Carry on - The Tradition -

1 - Advent Candle - $6.95

3 - Advent Candles -$6.59 =$19.77

6 - Advent Candles $6.35=$3810

12 - Advent Candles $6.19=$68.28

Party Chimes 10 Bright Colors, (20) Assorted

New: Now In Stock For Delivery
1/2 Inch x 4 inch (Chimes Candles.)
Bright Party 10 Assorted Colors Candles.

Box of 20, two each 10 Party Colors $5.39
Quantity Sale Price
3 Boxes $5.15 =$15.45
6 Boxes $ 4.98 =$29.88
12 Boxes $4,69 =$56.28
  party candles

For Angel Chimes Candles and Pyramid Candles, Go Here

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  brass holder

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Angel Chimes Candles, Chimes Refills and Related, Complete Chimes Candle Web Site. Here everything you need to know about chimes candles.

NEW: 1/2 Candle Holders and Accessory's for 1/2 inch Candles and Chimes.

Chinese Dual Angel and Party Chimes $5.95 Low Cost Copy, Slightly Smaller, happy birthday chimes figures included free for year around use. Others sell these copies for as much as $20. and do not tell you they are copies.

Advent Angel Chimes - Family Candle traditions. Order these unusual candles early for the Christmas count down We often run out as early as October. Entire Catalog Advent candles, pages back up soon as they too are again in stock. 2013 will also include the Advent Calendars we have discovered popular.Advent Here

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How to Set Up your Angel Chimes Correctly, Instructions"Print out Angel Chimes instructions store in the box.

Angel Chimes Party Adapter Kit, Circus clowns and Horses, For birth day and other "Party chimes $3.See Here Use Your Chimes Year Around.

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Box of 20 Angel Chimes Candles Imported From Germany
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Delivered, No Extra Charge, Directly, Right to Your Home, In About 5 Days by *Agent of U.S. Government
candles 4" tall, 1/2 inch diameter, burn about 2 hours.
White Candle

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candles new color
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