Luminarias Becoming Year Around Festive Parties Tradition.


The outdoor holiday and special occasion decorating. That sets your event apart, your use of large numbers of low cost luminaries make guest feel the festive occasion as they arrive. Luminarias bags lit with small candles are used to outline entrances, sidewalks, streets and even outline walls and roofs of buildings.silver santa chimes On Christmas eve many neighbors join together and light the whole block. Some cities do special occasions with from 5,000 to 30,000 luminarias. Has been a tradition in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico for decades to welcome the Christmas spirit to ceremony’s, service etc. .

The bang for the buck is greater than anything else you can do, and with the right bags is safe, low cost and simple. The luminaria bags we sell are reusable for many times, after use, sand emptied and fold back down to almost no storage size, are full size, 13" warm glow Kraft paper, fold down top 1 inch for even stronger wind resistance. 35 pound weight Kraft paper bags traditionally used for decades in the southwest. (others sell mini size bags imported from China, light weight less sturdy, not reusable, imported bags at a high price).

Bags with holes punched in sides in designs are more susceptible to wind bursts catching them on fire. We recommend these full size large Kraft warm color, that therefore make a big impression when lit in a row. Sturdy, safe, full size 35 lb weight paper bags only from us.

silver santa chimes

We recommend our low cost 4 to 5 hour tealights to be placed in the center of about 3 cups of sand (or kitty litter) placed in our wider bags. If you are doing over 100 we suggest using a wheel borrow for the sand.

To light, you need a long propane lighter like you use to light the barbeque. ($2.98) for fast snuffing to save burn time and reuse the candles we suggest our brass snuffer ($4.95) We list these as tools, You can reuse the sand and or kitty litter. Wheel borrow, sand or kitty litter get locally. Large Kraft traditional bags, and candles we stock and ship usually same day in season if ordered by noon. Free shipping with early before thanksgiving orders.

The idea of luminaries is a welcoming and identifying the event as festive and the celebration starts here. Used now for weddings, Halloween, anniversary’s, birthday’s, even any candle light party. Memorial events,

You can set luminarias up during the day and with the long click lighter light hundreds in under ten minutes at the exact start time.

  1. Unfold our 13' bags. Fold down top one inch, further wind strength protection.

  2. Pop in 3 cups or more of sand or kitty litter or combo.

  3. Place tea light in middle of sand.

  4. Place bags, if small area, one foot apart. Bigger areas two to five feet apart.

  5. Inside use, use electric led tealights for example to light on stairs to bath room etc.

  6. These sturdy 35 lb Kraft Bags will remain in good shape for many such events, the sand is reusable, only need new candles. Bags will remain in good shape for lighting several hours later etc.

Average cost of lighting the entrance area to average party about 35 cents total per bag with 4-5 hour candles, if purchased from us. Sand or kitty litter extra. No rule against using derby free dirt.

If event lasts two hours can usually get two events from the tealights. If have candles that have left over burn time of say hour and 30 minutes, place two in that status in each bag. Light first one, come back in hour 20 minutes and light second candle. Two burn for a time, no problem and using up all burn time will cut costs in half. You will have up to 3 hours that way of luminaries on second event.

We sell luminarie bags in 20's. 100, and 500 packages. Can be ordered together combo pack price with candles or candles are packaged in several different quantities.