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For 25 Guests, Stores in Shoe Box

The advantage of the European candle light party system is that it not only less expensive, the candle inventory and holders requires very little storage space. Remember, you can use partially burned candles for short candle lit festivity’s such as candlelight deserts, candlelit after dinner drinks, cake cutting, sing happy birthday at family, (tradition to honor birthdays, guests of no guests) birthday candlelit parties here.

The centerpiece musical party chimes break down to very small container. You could probably get chimes for eight tables in one shoe box. Luminaries can be reused, folded and easily stored in small space. If use sand or kitty litter inside you can put the sand or kitty litter back in the bag. Save unburned portions of candles extinguished. If you have a one hour desert candlelight event and have candles with 20 minutes or more of burn time, put three candles in a luminario bag for example, light one initially and right one. Every twenty minutes, use your propane lighter see tools here, to light another. There will be two burning for a bit, no problem.

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