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5 Times More Lit Candles Than U.S. Parties.


A candlelight party or dinner is effective and a memorable festive mood and event when it creates an emotional connected effect that can be achieved in no other way.

It is obvious the effect is obtained and basically influenced by the sheer number of lit candles.

This traditional European candlelight dinners and parties have been held in Europe for over 200 years in almost the same way. Large numbers of small personal candle that are and go where the individual goes.

Some almost personal such as the "dinner plate candle holders."

The small personal candles now stabilized as the four by 1/2 inch candles as standard worldwide now and along with longer burning tea lights at about the same cost serving area lighting as well as personal.

Luminarios, sacks with sand a lighted tealight candle to light walkways floating in water filled glasses or jars, no water needed.. and set right off, the "Wow "mood guest receive for your next candlelight festive party. The four inch 2 hour candles and the five hour tea lights are available Here at 25 Cents each and European style candlelight party calls for five lit candles per guest which we explain in our articles so read on.

Most of these candles can be used in a second or even third party if used right. Use a propane lighter to light quickly in minutes the entire display. When ending use a snuffer and in minutes after turning on the lights have them all extinguished.

The candle holders are very small, to see the variety of Holders and clips go to "holders."

Inexpensive and a 25 guest supply of party holders can be stored in one shoe box and the candles needed easily fit in another.

So the usual U.S. large pillar candles and tapers make an impressive non lit decoration, usually about 25 candles for 25 guest party but not too impressive at totally candlelit parties.

However, for an impressive candlelight mood setting effective, lit parties, 5 candles per person, 125 lit candles at a 25 guest party, go to European Festive Candle light system with smaller candles in huge numbers and you will still save 80% of the usual cost just on the candles each party, As well as 80% less on initial holder costs etc.

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Infographic,   How to Run "WOW" Candlelight Parties

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