How To Use Holder For 4 - One Half inch Candles To Make A

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This four candle brass holder can be set on or attached to almost anything or stand on the table alone. Can have candle rings added to it (3 inch on almost any situation where a 3 inch candle would have been used.) You can make your own candle rings, use without, or purchase them for from $3.50 to $25.00. Main effect of rings is primarily when room is not lit by candles and extends some theme or holiday.

Remember a 3 inch diameter pillar candle will cost from about five dollars plus shipping to ten dollars. It burns with one flame. This holder instead, uses roughly total of 80 Cents worth of smokeless, drip less candles and gives you four candle light power, not just one flame like the three inch pillar candles or expensive tapers and holders, big candles and holders in the same p lace.

You can use it as a two light, one light, whatever light you need. For center pieces large table we suggest ten inch candles. They will also spread light over much wider area than 4 inch candles since the flames are six inches higher above the table., Ideal for centerpiece holders.

The 4 candle brass finish holder stores away in little space. Can be just set on the top recess of an upside down bowl as shown. Can use valcro adhesive coated tape with one valcro side "hooks" part for example on underside of holder and stick valcro half with loops strip on whatever you want it fastened to. It really is not going to jump off, but those who want it fastened, that valcro system is another option. Makes easy removal to store the holder away in small space. We suggest two of these on your table as centerpiece lights with four candle musical chimes in addition in length center or lighted back half of a cake centerpiece with special color coding for age number. see Cake Lighting

Use two of the brass finish four candle holders shown here down each half of table to brighten up the main table.

Musical candle chimes for center or Candles on one half side of a cake so can be cut and served in full candle light. See Candle Light Dessert Party. . . Use the chimes further down the table to furnish that fascinating motion of rotating party figures and gentle tinkling as well as lighting part of the table area with four similar candles doing dual purpose.

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