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25 Cents Per Candle

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Add Tealights Anywhere Your Party Needs Brightening.

Our customers love the easy addition of tealight candles as an easy inexpensive way to fill in the candlelight gaps that show up at those big candlelight parties.

Tea lights are under 25 cents each and burn about five hours. Nothing wrong with using them til gone on two or three parties. Put a used tealight candle in the bottom of "luminaria"

paper sack to line your party drive way or entrance with charming outdoor candle light. If you have never done that to your party location entrance you need to add this because it is a lot of Wow, party bank for a very few bucks.... Add a new candle unlit and then half way thru your party have someone check them all and any burned out simply light the new candle also in the sack already to go.

This will mean 50 luminarias lighting your entrance will only cost $6.25 of tealight candle burn time for a 2 and one half hour party...

Lumnarias are great any time of the year but at Christmas you can often get neighbors to do them and often get a whole block lit on Christmas eve. Several hundred luminarias lining a street is something to see.

Add food coloring to water glasses, float tealights in them and you have a candle holder useable on the table in front of each guest or set one on every other step on the way to the bathroom. You don't want guests gropping around trying to get to the bathroom in semi dark.

You can use tealights in mason jars, or any type of clear glass containers, hung with a wire to light your back yard candlelight party or just to have the backyard lit at any party. We show you how at "backyard candlelight parties."

You can put a half dozen tealights or more floating in a serving bowl of water for a center piece where you need more light augmentation. With or without food coloring in the water.

You can spell out the guest of honors age at a birthday party with tealights directly sitting on the table, nothing else needed

This gives you more light directly in the cutting the cake area.

Tea lights and the four inch candles are so inexpensive that you can change all of your thinking has been up to now.

You can turn a drinking glass upside down and place a tea light on top...

To get really fancy use the long stem glasses and set the tea light on top...

You can use a saucer upside down to set a tealight on, almost anything will work and make a novel candle holder.

Tealights are a creative candle party persons dream.

Remember, tealights have no height and to spread more light, anything like this that gets them higher off the table helps the overall effect, coverage and effectiveness of the light.

festive candlelight tealight

Editors Note, It is easy to learn to make your own candle rings with artificial components from dismantled or even discarded plastic bouquets or if in season you can use real flowers and/or Colorful Autumn or Christmas greenery etc.

If you do not have long stem glassware like this and would like to make this idea candleholders for your next party, you can buy plastic long stem versions version of these types of glasses at most party places etc for 1.50 or so and will work as well.

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