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Candle Tools You need: Parties, and/or Luminarios

Candle Tools - Lighters and Snuffers

YOU Need Lighter and Snuffer Tools If Serious About Festive Large Numbers of Candles at Candle Light Parties

You will save candle burn time by being able to light and extinguish quantities of candles. Light numbers at last moment in minutes. Extinguish all in minutes with a snuffer.

You can often get two or more events from the same candles if run tight light and extinguish times. If you have reuse candles with hour left such as luminarios and you want two hours insert two one hour left candles in each luminario. Light One... One hour in quickly go around and light second one hour remaining burn time candle. Will have two burning at same time for short time.



*6.75 inches... ... $3.95
Snuffer Snuffer $3.95
Your Price:$3.95



Note: If you have a 100 to 300 candle party with lighters and snuffers you can light in ten minutes or extingquish. in ten. This saves a lot of burn time on your candles. Light all at once at last minute at start of party and exeinguish all quickly once party time has ended. These two tools are essential to keep costs low.
Lighter Candle Flame Lighter $2.98
Your Price:$2.98